Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12x Groupset

Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12x Groupset

Brand: Campagnolo
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Product Description

Super Record EPS 12x Ergos

Ready for racing, these superb shifters deliver a more accurate and efficient 12 speed performance. Giving you the freedom for customisation, these are fully adjustable via the MyCampy app to shift continuously up or down with a simple click. This means you'll be able to maintain total control over how the transmission works as well as achieving the perfect balance using Multi-Dome technology for feeling when a gear shifts.



Caliper Mount: Flat mount
Heat resistant rotors
Mode button to check battery charge and adjust
Customise using MyCampy app
Comfortable support
Quick shifting
One lever-One action
Multi-Dome Technology
Waterproof - IP 67

Super Record EPS 12x Rear Mech

Meeting Campagnolo's strict standards for extreme durability, precision and reliability, this tough component provides you with an incredibly smooth shifting experience. It uses a 45° trajectory angle which corresponds to a new change of position while electronically improving chain engagement specifically for each sprocket. As a result, you'll enjoy superior power transmission and increased longevity as you race for the finish line. 


Material: Aluminium, Ultra-lite Technopolymer and long-fibre Carbon
Cage Size: 72.5mm
Trajectory Angle: 45°
Speed: 12 speed
Motors with high torque and high transmission combination
Position sensor
T.I.N. special treatment
Multishifting technology
Waterproof - IP67
UnLock System
Weight: 234g (approx)

Super Record EPS 12x Front Mech

Guaranteeing fluid, efficient and reliable shifts, this superb component the result of an in-depth study by Campagnolo to develop the best front mech possible. It features an aluminium inner semi-cage combined with a single-piece outer semi-cage carbon fibre construction for incredible stiffness and precision as you switch gears. Even under a heavy load, its revolutionary structure, power unit and sophisticated motor allows your chain to move instantly for accurate performance.


Body Material: Monolithic Carbon-powder Technopolymer
Cage Material: Inner: Aluminium; Outer: Carbon fibre
Cage designed to improve maximum cross-chaining situations
Design optimised for the inner semi-cage
High torque, high drive ratio motors
Position sensor
Front derailleur mounting tool
Auto Repositioning
Waterproof - IP 67
Weight: 132g (approx)



Super Record 12x Chainset

This top-tier crankset is equipped with Campagnolo's famous Ultra-Torque bracket system and a titanium axle which allows you to transfer all your pedalling power directly into the drivetrain. It features a tough carbon fibre arm construction which gives it an excellent strength to weight ratio when racing from road to road. Ready for action, this high-quality crankset delivers fast acceleration and a more stable shifting experience as you glide out on the road. 


Arm Material: Carbon fibre
Axle Material: Titanium
Chainring Material: Aluminium
Q Factor: 145.5mm
Symmetrical inner chainring teeth
Optimised design for every chainring combination
Double wheel sizing standards
Superficial treatment of the chainrings for a longer lifespan
Weight: 618g (approx)

Super Record 12x Cassette

Providing you with an ideal gear for every road, this solid cassette features a special tooth design and surface treatment which guarantees a longer life span. It features thinner sprockets, tighter spaces and space-saving dimensions which ensures faster, quieter and more precise shifting as you race for glory. 


Streamlined, single tooth-count increments from the 1st to the 7th sprocket
Super-smooth shifting performance
Fully compatible with current Campagnolo freehub bodies
Standard chainstay width compatible
Extra sprocket without increasing cassette width, smaller space between cogs, smoother shifting
Technical Sprocket Treatment, increases service-life
Weight: 266g

Super Record 12x Chain

This high-quality chain is completely redesigned from scratch to offer a lighter and quick-engaging 12 speed performance. It features an ultra-slim design with a width of 5.15mm and an integrated Ultra-link system which delivers an immensely smooth and accurate shifting experience.


Width: 5.15mm
Speed: 12 speed
Pins aligned to the outer surface
Unsurpassed wear resistance
Optimised design
Weight: 220g (approx)

Super Record Dual Pivot Brakes

These top-tier rim brakes are ideal for staying in control as they offer performance-enhancing modulable braking. Ideal for tackling steep slopes and high speeds, this excellent duo ensures the shortest braking distance possible thanks to Campagnolo's proven experience in brake block compounds. Even after years of use these superb brakes provide you with exceptional smoothness from their completely aerodynamic design.


Pivot: Dual
Aerodynamic design
Weight: 311g (approx)

U-T BB30A 73x42 Bottom Bracket

Developed in Campagnolo's Campy Tech Lab, they feature a tough aluminium construction to give you a strong and stress-free performance on every run. Designed for maximum efficiency, their axles have varying thicknesses for obtaining an incredibly light profile while still offering amazing rigidity.


Material: Aluminium
Fitment: BB30A
Type: Threaded
Size: 73x42mm

EPS V4 12x Interface with Cables

Managing all your communication from the Eropower control lever and front/rear mech's, this fantastic component works as the brand of the EPS system. It does this by receiving the electronic impulses and sending them to the front and rear mechs via its two internal aerials.  Campagnolo has also equipped this version with both Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT+ wireless connectivity, so the interface can communicate in real-time with your smartphone or bike computer. 


Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT+
Waterproof - IP 67
On board diagnostics
Riding settings
Weight: 33g (approx)

EPS V4 12x Power Unit

Lasting longer than ever, this stunning component is equipped with an industry-leading battery which gives it a 10% increase in its charge capacity. This means it rarely needs charging, so you can spend less time waiting and more time enjoying the spirit of cycling. This stable power unit also features a slender shape which makes it compatible with all seat posts on the market.


New shape
Can be fitted inside the seat post
Adaptor for the seat tube/down tube
DTI: Digital Tech Intelligence
On Board Diagnostic
Waterproof - IP 67
Weight: 135g (approx)

EPS V2/V3/V4 Battery Charger

This simple to use battery charger is equipped with a safety cut-out circuit which prevents overheating, short-circuiting and excessive charge times. This means you can simply connect it to your EPS power unit for a straight-forward and efficient charge.


Compatibility: EPS V2/V3/V4 power units
Easy to use