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3T’s ultimate deep-dish disc-brake wheelset, the Discus C60 LTD gives you more of everything you need and less of that you don’t. In short, everything has been stepped up.

The rim, 58mm deep and 24.5mm wide, is now fabricated out of high-modulus carbon-fiber. The width is nearly universal in the 3T Discus universe for good reason. With 700c by 23-25mm tires, and you won’t want to narrower, the tire, when mounted to the rim will result in the leading and trailing edges being nearly identical. This makes for excellent aerodynamics, both when riding into headwinds and crosswinds. The greater air volume reduces rolling resistance and increases comfort for a given pressure and means you can even lower pressure and see both rolling resistance and comfort improve. Wider tires, also fit, and you can probably go as wide as your bike allows.

The depth is deep enough to be blazing fast on the flats without handicapping you on the hills. The wheelset weight is a light 1530g

The spoke bed is also improved by what 3T calls double-angle drilling, which means that the holes are set both for the radial and tangent angles, creating a straighter line from the hub flanges to the rim. The alloy nipples are set internally for greater rim strength and they rest on washers that add strength to the rim and make it easy to tension if you ever knock the rim out of true. The drilling is also asymmetric, with the drilling closer to the left side than the right, to better balance out spoke tension for both the front and rear wheels, as both are dished. You know that rear wheels are dished, meaning the rim is centered over the axle, not the hub body, but with disc brake hubs, the same happens, to a lesser degree, in front.

3T goes for Sapim CX-Ray double-butted aero straight-pull spokes, 24 front and rear, crossed-two. CX-Ray’s are the fastest, lightest spokes you can find, and impressively durable for such a thin blade. Below the spokes is a convertible axle system. There are pinch bolts on the end caps. These can be loosened and the caps removed so you can chose between a quick-release axle and a thru-axle. This is for both front and rear hubs, with the front width the standard 100mm, swapping to either a 12 or 15mm thru-axle, and the rear width 135mm, allowing you to choose between a standard quick release or a 135x12mm or 142x12mm thru axle. All necessary end caps, axles, and quick releases are included.

A final upgrade to the wheelset is CeramicSpeed bearings. The ceramic-hybrid sets are the lowest-drag bearings you can find. They save you every second the wheels are turning.

The disc rotor, and you’ll need one for each hub, mounts to the hub via Centerlock-style splines.

The standard cassette body is a Shimano/SRAM-compatible 10/11-speed spline. A 9/10/11-speed Campagnolo-compatible cassette body is available as an aftermarket option. The set also comes with rim strips.

The 3T Discus C60 LTD Wheelset cuts through the wind when road racing, stands up to the punishment of cyclocross, and takes you on adventures without a fear of wheel failure.