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Product Description

The benefits of carbon rims are hard to deny. Better shaping for aerodynamics and lighter weight pay off basically every second the bike is moving. That’s where the 3T Orbis II C Team wheelset comes in.

The clincher rim shares a similar design with the Orbis C35 Pro in terms of its width and depth. The difference is the benefits carbon offers. The rim width is 24.5mm while the depth is teased out to 35mm. This is also the same rim you’ll find on the C35 LTD. The resulting wheelset weighs 1500g.

Wide rims on road bikes are increasing in popularity for good reasons. The wide rims, when paired with wider tires, are more aero. Here, you won’t want to install a tire narrower than 23mm, though 24-26mm will still result in a nice double-U shape with the rims. Super-wide tires, like 28mm will work, and is more aero than a 28mm tire on a 19mm rim, but the aero advantage is reduced. The second advantage is more air volume, which gives two benefits, lower rolling resistance and more comfort at a given air pressure. Of course, you can safely improve both by dropping air pressure a bit as well.

As this is the middle wheel in the Orbis line, it shares with both the Pro and the LTD. It has a similar hub design with the Pro, though the front wheel has two more spokes. It also uses butted Pillar spokes, something you’ll find on the Pro, however, these butted spokes are also bladed for improved aerodynamics. The alloy nipples are internal and have spherical washers between the nipple and rim, which both strengthens the wheel and improves aerodynamics.

The hubs are 3T’s own design, with a radial front pattern and a two-cross rear. Here, too, the designs allow for strength and minimal weight. 3T quick releases are also included. So, too, are rim strips. The rims are not compatible with tubeless tires.

The wheelset comes standard with a Shimano/SRAM 10/11-speed compatible cassette body. Also with the wheel come 3T carbon-specific brake pads, which are designed to fit in Shimano/SRAM-compatible brake shoes. If you prefer Campagnolo-compatible cassettes and/or Campagnolo brakes, a Campy-compatible body and Campy-compatible pads are sold separately.

The 3T Orbis II C35 Team Clincher Wheelset gives you an all-condition carbon rim with a sensible build of spokes and hubs.